Children's HealthCare is also home to the Lehigh Valley's premier practice dedicated to helping breastfeeding mothers along their personal journey. The Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center is an independent medical practice with a primary goal of providing compassionate, evidenced-based care, education and informative classes to expecting and breastfeeding families. The center remains one of the only a handful of facilities, nationally, endorsed as a preferred center for excellence in lactation care by the National Breastfeeding Center.  While the breastfeeding center is located inside The Children's HealthCare Center, it is not a replacement for your OB/GYN or your baby's pediatrician. We are an additional, specialized resource for breastfeeding mothers and their babies.  You do not need to be a patient of Children's HealthCare to visit the Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center.  Breastfeeding visits are tyically covered by your insurance company, since a breastfeeding medicine physician is involved in your care.

Preparing for motherhood can be daunting, but it does not have to be. We offer a wide range of services that help mothers reach their breastfeeding goals with ease. Check out all the Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center can offer your family!

Support at the Breastfeeding Center

The Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center offers classes that are taught by an experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and highly-qualified, experienced childbirth educator. The classes are offered in a comfortable, supportive, friendly environment, where you can have all your questions answered and meet other new parents and parents-to-be.

Sometimes, what you need is individual, one-on-one support. For that reason, the breastfeeding center offers prenatal, lactation and follow-up appointments with experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and/or pediatric physicians with years of experience caring for breastfeeding babies. If you have a concern, call us today at 610-366-7676.

In addition, Children's HealthCare and the Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center have teamed up to offer group support where moms can meet other new mothers and talk with a Maternal-Child Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and experienced mother about any concerns that have arisen on your breastfeeding journey. This two-hour, informal gathering with refreshments, allows mothers to relax and be supported by their experienced peers. You also have an opportunity to weigh your baby (off the chart) and be reassured that your milk supply is all your baby needs.  No preregistration is required and you do not need to be a patient of the Children's HealthCare or the Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center to attend!  We encourage all new mothers to attend Milk & Coffee New Mom's Group as soon as you are comfortable, as moms really need support in those early days postpartum.

Tongue Tie

Tongue tie can have lifelong implications, not just breastfeeding, but also speech and long-term feeding can be affected.  Did you know that our team of physicians specializes in the evaluation and treatment of all breastfeeding problems, especially tongue tie?  Dr. Toff has years of experience correcting tongue ties to aid in better breastfeeding outcomes for both mom & baby.